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Sugandha wanted to invade Poland but delay in getting the Polish visa landed her a job in a detective agency where she solved crimes of passion, and most famously caught the thief who stole Poonam Pandey’s undergarments while she was shooting for a bathtub scene. Here is a secret you need to know about Sugandha … the last time she sang, Anna Hazare went on a fast unto death strike.


The late blooming guitar strumming jock with a three day well maintained stubble.
Legend has it that Abhishek always wanted to be a rockstar but got distracted with completing his formal education. Here’s a secret you need to know about Abhishek … he only removes his glares in the shower while soaping himself.


The cricket loving, Honey Singhin, news junkie Bhairavi almost played for Punjab in the Ranji trophy, technicalities proved a damp squib. For Bhairavi ‘slip’ means a fielding position not a piece of lingerie in a compromising position. Damn. Here’s a secret you need to know about Bhairavi … when she says Honey Singh she is not being romantic she is calling out to the singer.


Garima had always wanted to be an aeronautical engineer but a career counsellor advised that her IQ was more suited for a railway announcer or worse still a radio jockey.
Garima is now a radio jockey after 17 unsuccessful attempts to be a railway announcer.
Here is a secret you need to know about Garima… she learnt to spell aeronautical with the help of a spell check in Jan 2012 as part of her new year resolution.


Asef wakes up to ‘house’ mostly his own and occasionally someone else’s. If Asef had his way he would make dance music part of the school curriculum and compulsory club hopping on the weekends like military service in some countries.
Here’s a secret you need to know about Asef … he may be a practising vegetarian but will not stay away from a certain “grey goose”.

Boudoir NYE Party

  1. Boudoir NYE Party – 3

  2. Boudoir NYE Party – 2

  3. Boudoir NYE Party – 1


Fulltoo Christmas

  1. Fulltoo Christmas – 1

  2. Fulltoo Christmas


Meramar Lounge

  1. Meramar Lounge – 2

  2. Meramar Lounge – 1

  3. Meramar Lounge


Meramar Lounge

  1. Ramleela Press Conference

  2. Ramleela Press Conference


Navratri 2013

  1. Navratri 2013 -1

  2. Navratri 2013


Go Goa Gone

  1. Go Goa Gone -3

  2. Go Goa Gone -2

  3. Go Goa Gone -1

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